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Dear John,Thanks for your reply.I imagine that the instrument is more airtight,with the nuts and bolts,fasteners.This instrument [ after your modifications ] is the very finest Chromonica 270 that I have ever played ! So,thank you,very much,indeed,for your Excellent work.Cheers,from Shane

Hi John - A great big Thank you for your participation in The Chromatic Weekend. It was a pleasure to meet you at the weekend and attend your workshop. I regret not being able to go to all your workshops you have a great manner about you and explain things easily to people. Your workshops were highly informative, fun and captivating. We have heard so many positive comments about you Well done!I hope to see you again perhaps at Bristol festival? Kind Regards  Katrina and the NHL Chromatic Weekend team 

If you have an old harmonica that:

  • Just needs a good clean. (using ultrasonic cleaners)
  • An ebay purchase that doesnt quite play right.  
  • Inherited your grandad's old harmonica and want it refurbished like new
  • Need your harmonica tuned
  • Comb replaced (split Pearwood combs)
  • Reed replacement
  • Windsaver replacement  
  • Nailed Reed plates modified to screws,  
  • Chromatic slide sticking
  • etc etc

then you are in the right place.

My new book is now on sale. It is the story of Julius Berthold, inventor of harmonica machinery in 1900s. It details my trip to Klingenthal to investigate what happened to the man and his factory.  Only £6   

Our simple postal service means you just pop it into the post to us and we will give you a call back once its arrived to let you know whats what. We cathen discuss your options and costs. If ok, we will proceed and if its uneconomical to repair we can send it back in the post to you. AT NO CHARGE. (except the cost to post it back.) .Its that simple. If you have any questions just give me a call on 01708 446644. Thank john 

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"Hi John
Harmonicas  received, What can I say.  You are true Master of your trade

Have played them all at a session on the Island wonderful comments from guys who know their music. I have had a few bad repair jobs done, which made me a bit wary to try others. I will be sending all my cleaning/repair work to you in the future. I would strongly recommend your services to others. Yours Aye. Hugh Hainey "  - -read more comments /reviews