Repairing a harp is not that expensive. I can undertake any work that you require and before I start I will discuss the scope of work with you so there are no surprises.. Here are some example charges.  

  • 1x reed replacement on a single reedplate. reedplate sent on its own ie not assembled. £10
  • Diatonic Service: including ultrasonic plate clean, 1 reed replaced, Comb levelling,blow plate level = £15

Chromatic Price list : Prices are for estimates only: based on a 12 hole 270 Chromonica

Short service:  £25  : Includes Strip slider assembly, buff cover plates, replace up to 4 windsavers, level mouthpiece, check spring ,replace if necessary, Clean, replace slider bumpers, oil slider mech,  tune.

  • Full Service Chromatic  £55 Includes  Total stripdown, remove all windsavers,  Ultrasonic clean, level comb, New wind savers x 48, tune and gap, service slider mech ,replace bumpers with silicon bumpers, Buff cover plates. Tune.    
16 hole 
Short service £30
Full service £65

  • New Pearwood comb for 12 hole 270 = £25
  • Nail to screw conversion £20
  • Discovery mouthpiece conversion for 270 model = £30
  • New Windsavers x 48  £30  -  16 hole -£35
  • Richter to Paddy Richter  tuning with a new reed =£15
  • Half valving on  a diatonic. £15    
(prices are for indication only- a full quotation will be given once the harmonica has been evaluated. )