With a full CNC mill in house workshop I am able to manufacture harmonicas to your specification. I do make some standard models but dont let that limit your creative flow. Give me a call and we can chat over what you have in mind.  

Here is my unique TAPPERED comb. Design specifically to give the lower range harps a boost to the low range whilst maintaining  a strong top end.  These are based on a Marine Band Deluxe reed plate and cover set.  £145.   

Here is a great improvement to a standard 3 piece metal mouthpiece slider on a 12 hole. I convert the old harmonica to accept a new "Discovery" 2 piece mouthpiece for a more comfortable feel and its more airtight. This conversion is only £25....    

Here is my signature Double Reed Plate Marine Band Deluxe. £185.  This really would be " your ultimate custom harp".    

CALL 01708 446644 to discuss your options.